My new born boys

when my sons were born it was the best thing to ever happen to me I remember holding him and actually  counting their finger and  their toes. The  first child actually  smiled at me that little corner grin.and then he yarned as  I counted his small fingers  the smell that babies have is  really  no smell at all just fresh air  like when you put clothes  on a line and the wind blows and that  smell is so fresh.that is the only way to described  an new born infant and I was blessed with two. 


In the event

  1. I the event that I am wisked away to different place and time it is  because  I can do so I plan to go back home and just  sit on the beach and  soak  up all the fresh air and plunge  my toes into the warm sand and do  nothing   walk and eat a coconut  that has just fallen. And wave to the couple  that are laughing  as they splash  water on each  other. IN THE  EVENT  that I am lost in my day dream alert no one.